Bigfoot Cloaking: Tracking the Invisible Beast

Bigfoot Cloaking: Tracking the Invisible Beast

I was walking along the hillside just beyond the abandoned buildings of the Old West film set at Bradshaw Ranch just outside Sedona, Arizona. The area is rich with history, Elvis filmed a western here, many Westerns were filmed here and there are many stories of UFOs, Bigfoot, high levels of paranormal activity and more strangeness. I was with my new friend CJ, I had heard she was a Medium and had some abilities but I wasn’t sure, the topic hadn’t come up yet. My brother-in-law Joel was there too, he was filming us for a new documentary we were producing. As we made our way across the landscape we felt guided, our path pre-determined, or at least not determined by us. We followed our instincts across the sand and dirt, a rare, recent snow storm had mostly melted but some traces left a smattering of white that glistened under the afternoon sun. CJ stopped, “Do you see the shimmer?” she asked. I looked ahead towards the area she was focused on, there was a gap in the small pine trees that peppered the area. I couldn’t see it. “Right there! It’s a cloaked Bigfoot, don’t you see the shimmer?” CJ replied excitedly. I continued to walk towards the gap, “Right here?” I replied. “It just moved back” CJ responded.

I never saw the shimmer but I felt an overwhelming presence, we were not alone. This strange feeling came over me and I turned to Joel and asked him to turn off the camera. He didn’t seem surprised and obliged, I’m still not quite sure what made me say that. I continued forward through the gap a couple hundred feet, the others stayed back, I was stopped by a waist high fence. On the other side of the fence was a large tree, much larger than most of the others, whatever it was, it was next to the tree. I couldn’t see it or hear it, but I knew it. At that moment, the whole top of my head began to intensely tingle, the sensation made me disoriented, it was similar to an electric shock. The feeling only lasted a few seconds and I recovered quickly and joined the others. I told them what had happened and didn’t say much else. We left the ranch shortly after and in a few hours I would be curled up in a ball on a chase lounge in the corner of the bedroom of our Airbnb. I remained in this condition, fighting extreme nausea and dizziness, until the morning.

I’ve heard stories of Bigfoot cloaking, people report seeing the “Predator” effect, a reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Predator. Could this strange creature make itself invisible, or at least translucent? CJ sure thought so, I honestly don’t know what else it could have been. There was one time at Salt Fork State Park in Southeast Ohio where the team I was leading heard something approach us deep in the woods at night. We could hear the footsteps in the dry, fallen leaves. We went lights out and one team member tried to locate it with the thermal camera. Nothing. Eventually the footsteps got closer and closer directly in front of me. The next step would run into me! I clicked on my very powerful white light and nothing was there. I walked off the trail and into the woods looking all around with the flashlight, nothing. Once back on the trail I turned my light off, and we all heard it walk away, never once seeing anything.

Back in Arizona, the following day, woozy and drained, I skipped breakfast and returned to the ranch. A short time later, CJ arrived. She told me that she had received a message last night, from Bigfoot, for me. A little stunned and slightly skeptical, I listened. The context of the message was as follows:

Bigfoot is trying to contact you and you need to open up more and be ready for this kind of interaction in the future.

According to CJ, the creature has been interacting with me for quite some time and decided to make contact with me yesterday afternoon. They attempted to communicate with me by sending energy into my head which I blocked. By blocking that energy I became effected and felt ill and that was not their intention.

Well then, I guess I’ve got some homework, open up your mind…got it! Do I think Bigfoot can cloak? I'd say it's a possibility we have to consider.



For more on the mystery at Bradshaw Ranch, watch the trailer for the upcoming documentary:


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