Where is the best place to see Bigfoot in North America?

Where is the best place to see Bigfoot in North America?
The best place to see Bigfoot in North America are:
1. Pacific Northwest in the United States.
2. British Columbia, Canada.
3. Skamania County, Washington, USA.
4. Fouke, Arkansas, USA.

The existence of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a subject of debate and folklore. Reports and sightings of Bigfoot have primarily emerged from various regions, particularly in North America. If you're interested in exploring areas associated with Bigfoot sightings or want to dive into the legend surrounding it, here are a few places often mentioned:

  • Pacific Northwest, USA: The forests of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California are frequently linked to Bigfoot sightings. Mount Hood National Forest, Olympic National Park, and the Six Rivers National Forest are some areas of interest.
  • British Columbia, Canada: The vast wilderness and dense forests of British Columbia are reputed for Bigfoot encounters. Areas like Harrison Hot Springs and the Fraser Valley have been associated with reported sightings.
  • Skamania County, Washington, USA: This county gained attention in the 1960s when it became the first jurisdiction to enact a law protecting Sasquatch. The region, particularly Ape Canyon and the surrounding Gifford Pinchot National Forest, has a history of reported Bigfoot activity.
  • Fouke, Arkansas, USA: Known for the legend of the Fouke Monster, which shares similarities with Bigfoot, this small town in southern Arkansas has been a focal point for enthusiasts. The area around Boggy Creek has been the site of numerous alleged sightings.
  • Southeastern Oklahoma, USA: The densely forested areas of the Kiamichi Mountains in southeastern Oklahoma have been associated with Bigfoot encounters. The region has drawn attention from researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Personally, I think we could add what is called the Ohio Triangle, with the Salt Fork region located within that. Historic sightings go all the way back to 1912 with a newspaper report from Gallipolis, Ohio. 

What locations do you think should be added to this list? I feel like we are missing some locations?


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