Flesh & Blood vs Woo: The Bigfoot Mystery

Flesh & Blood vs Woo: The Bigfoot Mystery

In the land of Bigfoot, there appears to be a divide, two trains of thought on what Sasquatch is. First, we have the Apers:

The Aper perspective refers to the viewpoint that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is a type of undiscovered great ape living undetected deep in the forests of North America.

Then, in more recent times, we have the “Woo” believers, as they are sometimes referred to:

Woo, also called woo-woo, is a pejorative term for pseudoscientific explanations that share certain common characteristics, often being too good to be true (aside from being unscientific). The term is common among skeptical writers. Woo is understood specifically as dressing itself in the trappings of science (but not the substance) while involving unscientific concepts, such as anecdotal evidence and sciencey-sounding words.

Basically, the Apers are looking for an ape, they focus the scope of their investigation on the traits associated with a primate and often dismiss other attributes of their investigation that are outside the normal convention. “Woo” investigators consider all possibilities and evidence no matter how unusual or difficult to interpret it might be. To me, the approach is different, but at the end of the day we are all looking for the same thing…Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

In my opinion, the key to being a good Bigfoot “researcher” is having an open mind, removing your fears and accepting the events that unfold as they are. Let Bigfoot be what it is and don't try to make Bigfoot what we want it to be! I believe that Sasquatch is flesh and blood AND has characteristics or abilities beyond our comprehension. This conclusion was reached by more than a decade of interviewing witnesses, being out in the woods looking for answers and many personal experiences. Most people can agree that at the bare minimum, Bigfoot is more intelligent than the average animal or ape. 

Jerry Crew cast the first set of Bigfoot prints in 1958, 65 years later we have barely moved the needle closer to the discovery of the North American Ape. Are we just that bad at discovery, or is something else going on? There is evidence to suggest something exists, something is out there. But there is not enough evidence to definitively prove what it is. For this reason alone, we must explore all possibilities and leave no stone unturned. Those that believe in the ape theory like to site the use of science to prove the existence of Bigfoot, this basically means they hope to collect meaningful DNA. There have been many DNA studies done, some very controversial, and so far, it has yielded nothing conclusive.

Woo. First off, this term is unwarranted and was clearly dubbed as an attempt to undermine the alternative investigation into the origin of Sasquatch. Woo suggests a lack of science, this is untrue. Since I subscribe to the alternative search for Sasquatch, I can attest to the use of science and technology in my research. Actually, I would argue that I use more science and technology in my search than the average Bigfoot “researcher”. I have collected hair samples and would indeed seek DNA proof if the opportunity presented itself. But DNA isn’t the only science we can use. For instance, if Bigfoot was sighted and suddenly disappeared in front of our eyes we could use a tri-field meter to see if there are any electrical or magnetic spikes or disturbances. We could utilize thermal and motion tracking technology to see if the Bigfoot was still present even if not visible with the naked eye. We could attempt contact through various means such as frequency blasting and white noise generators. There are many avenues to take in our search for Sasquatch.

So, what conclusive evidence do we have so far? Large bipedal footprints that seem to differ from that of humans, sightings of a large ape/human figure usually covered in hair, strange “vocalizations” & sounds and little else. Most photos and videos appear to be hoaxes or misidentification which basically means the photographic evidence is unreliable at best. This mystery will not be solved with an image, not in the modern age of AI. So where do you go from here? Keep trying to get that conclusive DNA? Collect more footprint evidence? There are more Bigfoot “researchers” than ever, and we’ve had decades to find and collect the required evidence for proof…yet will still don’t have it. Let’s try something new, something more! In conclusion, there is no flesh & blood, there is no “Woo”, there is only Bigfoot.



For more on Alan's experiences watch Spiritual Bigfoot: A Personal Journey on Amazon Prime Video:


Alan recently presented a lecture on his thoughts on Bigfoot research and how he thinks we can move things forward. The video of this presentation is available here:


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