The Day I Saw Bigfoot: The Bradshaw Ranch Encounter

The Day I Saw Bigfoot: The Bradshaw Ranch Encounter

The sun was going down and the darkness setting in as we made our way back to Bradshaw Ranch. I’d just made my first trip there a few hours ago but it was time to return and conduct our night investigation. The dirt road is long and rough as our rented Jeep navigated each bump and rock in the road with precision. Sitting next to me in the back seat was a guy we had met earlier in the day who goes by the name Hoodoo Tall, my father-in-law Ron was in the front passenger seat and my brother-in-law Joel was driving. Hoodoo has been investigating the ranch for a few years now and was our guide for this trip. He knew the ins-and-outs and how to navigate the property safely and was providing Joel with directions as the dust from the road made it hard to see from the backseat.

We had met Hoodoo at the place where the pavement ends and were set to arrive at the ranch right about 9:00PM, after the 30-minute drive. As we made our way down the road we came upon a house that we hadn’t seen previously in the day. Confused, Hoodoo called out “What the hell is that? We must have made a wrong turn.” We all found it strange that he would miss a turn, he’d been this way many, many times. He was frustrated and bewildered as to where we were and how we ended up there. This would be the first in a series of very strange occurrences. We turned around and drove another 20 minutes or so until Hoodoo finally gave up, he had no idea where we were. Joel pulled up the GPS on his phone and found that we were way off course, it took another half-an-hour to finally arrive at the ranch. In the second of strange occurrences, we arrived at exactly 9:00PM. We spent at least an extra 50 minutes driving around and still made it on time? What is happening!

After trying some experiments around the property, we eventually ended up at the ranch style house that was built by Bob Bradshaw after he purchased the property in 1960. Hoodoo had been telling us about the strange things that happen there, paranormal events were common. We began by using the REM pod and spirit box to try and initiate contact with what ever was lurking around in the shadows inside the house. Our team was getting some minor results when I decided to use the GhostTube SLS app on my phone to see if I could detect any entities that were not visible to the naked eye. Bingo! The app locked onto a figure across the room from me. I grabbed the K2 meter and B-lined it right towards the figure following it on my phone screen. As I approached, I stuck my hand out and plunged the K2 meter directly into the figure. The first thing I noticed was a column of ice-cold air, then the K2 spiked and the reading stayed pegged until I withdrew my hand. The figure disappeared into the wall.

Our next stop was the old adobe building, this structure is known as the oldest standing structure in Sedona, Arizona. We attempted the same exercise as we did in the ranch house. I was leaned over the REM pod asking questions to the spirit box when Hoodoo chimed in. I decided to let him ask the questions since he had history with the place and whatever is there. I stood up, and when I did I happened to be facing south-east and looking directly out the window. There was something outside the building.

Just outside the building, maybe 50 feet away, was a dark figure silhouetted against the night sky.  This was no ordinary figure though, it was huge. I’d estimate the shadowy presence to be around 6ft tall and a whopping 4-5 feet wide at the shoulders. It looked like a linebacker, hunched over at the line of scrimmage ready for the ball to be snapped. I felt paralyzed, I was totally mesmerized as I pondered what I was looking at. The figure appeared to move to one side, then the other, getting closer to me each time. After doing that a few times, it was gone. The whole encounter lasted almost 2 minutes. I was unable to speak or move until it was gone. I then explained to our team what had just happened and we went outside to look around. Nothing was found.

On the way back to drop off Hoodoo, we discussed what I had witnessed in detail. As I explained to him what this creature looked like, he replied “Have you seen my photo?”. “What photo?” I said. “It sounds exactly like the creature I photographed at the ranch a few months ago.” So, Hoodoo brought out his cell phone and showed me the photo. There it was, sure enough, that’s what I saw. It was a Bigfoot.




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