Cadiz, Salt Fork, Wills Creek Pt 3

Cadiz, Salt Fork, Wills Creek Pt 3

Mark Maisel drove us around the dirt roads of Salt Fork to show us interesting areas where Bigfoot activity had taken place. We drove up and down the hilly roads stopping in several pull-offs to hear stories of why these areas were significant. We only got out once, way down at the dead end of Road 57. There is a good ridge for doing calls you can hike up to over a small foot bridge. Mark DeWerth tried a Sasquatch call from the parking lot and “Bigfoot” Dave unleashed some hand claps, but there was no response. It was now 2am so we made our way back to our cabin.

I was nestled in the top bunk just above Jesse, this was my first bunk bed experience. I felt like a spider on the ceiling. “Bigfoot” Dave was on the bottom of the other bunk. Just before lights out Dave introduces us to his “woosh” box. It’s a cassette recorder sized device that emits a static “white noise” type of sound at a pretty decent volume. We are then informed that this is required to be on all night so he can sleep. An hour after lights out I’m still struggling to stay asleep, now the snores from Jesse fill the cabin as the “woosh” box drones on. I tossed and turned until morning. the_group

We all emerged around 9:00am and by 10 we were out the door, back to Wills Creek. We arrived at the area where Marc had his sighting and filmed the video we had watched the night before. He led us through a pretty substantial brier patch to the base of an old strip mine. You could see the different layers but they were flattened out so the whole side was more like a hill rather than a wall. It was pretty dense forest even in the winter and you could only see so far before the growth blocked your view. Marc began to reenact his sighting for us. Here is where I was, here is where the Bigfoot was, it was really interesting to be in the exact spot his story took place while he was telling it.

“Bigfoot” Dave and I had heard enough, we wanted to find this creature for ourselves so we took off up the hill in the direction Marc said the Bigfoot went. The rest of the group was still discussing the story and hadn’t really noticed Dave and I had slipped away. We could still hear them talking behind us as we reached the plateau of the next tier. From this level we could see a huge high-wall to the north towering over us, stretching up to the sky. It would make an excellent lookout point from someone or something but it was not reachable from where we were. There was a beaten down path that ran the length of the old mine and it created enough of an opening we could see quite a ways down the tier in both directions. This path was too irresistible for me and Dave so we headed south to get a better look.

There was evidence of some old possible Sasquatch structures or dens. Branches were leaned up against the trees making a type of lean-to with pine branches spread across the top as a roof. Most of them were partially collapsed. We could no longer hear our group so we found an active game trail and followed it back to them. Our group made its way back to the vehicles and we headed home. We plan to return to this area in the next couple of months and put some real time in trying to locate the creatures DeWerth had filmed. Stay tuned for updates later on this year. group_2

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