Making The Back 80

Making The Back 80

This journey to The Back 80 began for us back in Late May and early June of 2016.

Well, sort of…

Alan had actually been present for a BFRO investigation in the area back in 2013. As you will hear in the film the area within the Mohican Valley had an surge of sightings start in 2013. Within this series of sightings was on the surface a fairly common report, a road crossing. The reality however, was that no sighting is ever really common for that person, or people. You have just seen something that you have never given more than a moments thought to, or were dismissive with a quick laugh, or shoulder shrug.  Well, now you are one of those people. And then the questioning starts, the doubts, the struggle to comprehend. Then… It shows up on your property. This is real. This is really happening, I have seen a Bigfoot. We focused on that story in particular as we believed it needed to be told.

That is where our film, The back 80 really begins.

A woman stops to photograph some horses on a lazy country road. As she is sitting there, something, some movement catch’s her eye down the road. Then it happens. A large, black, hairy creature “jumps across the road.” Others will doubt, they will selfishly question for there own satisfaction not hers, they will walk away, not even wanting to hear her story. But for her she has to live with it. Those questions, they haunt her. But she hardly has time to really comprehend what happened, when, it is no longer a fleeting moment, a challenged memory, but a reality right on her property. Here she is safe at home, but there it is, in the woods surrounding her house, and the field in the back yard. This was not just a sighting, this is a horror story that has a an ending yet to be determined. Her journey eventually leads her to an 80 acre secluded rarely used patch of woods, known as, The Back 80. Is this where she will find answers, or just more dark shimmering and dancing shadows paths taking her deeper into the woods?

As of today, we have completed filming and are in post production, knee deep in editing, and trying to get the word out.

This is our third filming project, and our greatest effort to date.


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