Cadiz, Salt Fork, Wills Creek Pt 1

Cadiz, Salt Fork, Wills Creek Pt 1

We had arrived at the Salt Fork State Park lodge around 11am Saturday March 19th, 2013 as Marc DeWerth (President, Ohio Bigfoot Organization; Ohio Bigfoot Conference Organizer) had secured a one night cabin for our group. We met up and checked in then headed over to our cabin. It was a lakeside cabin with a gas fireplace in the living room and Jacuzzi on the porch. Marc and I were unloading the vehicles outside the cabin and I had just stuck my head in the back of the car when a loud screech blared from the hillside to my left. I looked through the windshield and saw Marc frozen in his tracks. I popped out as Marc exclaimed, what the heck was that?! Some of the others in our group began to emerge from the cabin, they had heard it to. It was starting already and I couldn’t wait until our field work began later that night.

Our evening started in Cadiz, Ohio at the Puskarich Public Library for DeWerth’s “Bigfoot in Ohio” lecture series. The basement was overflowing with over 150 people and some lined the halls not able to fit into the main room. DeWerth entertained the crowd with sighting reports and stories from all around Ohio, his eager audience hanging on his every word. Many of the children in attendance lined the front, sitting on the floor, trying so very hard to interject with their own stories and questions. When it came time for Marc’s personal sighting story and video from Wills Creek the crowd settled in and seemed to surge forward as everyone’s eyes fixated on the big screen television at the front of the room.

The old VHS tape has been around awhile now but it still plays well and the creatures shown on it are impressive. Marc’s commentary during the showing was priceless as he mocked and conversed with his video tapped alter ego, often times comparing himself to Patrick from the SpongeBob television show. As things wrapped up many in the crowd swarmed to the front to talk more with Marc and view some of the casts and books he had brought. After some vocalization demonstrations outside and a few more questions our small group piled into the Jeep and headed to Wills Creek for some night ops.

To be continued…


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