In Search Of

In Search Of

When I get confused, or feel lost in a topic I do what anyone else would do. I ask Leonard Nimoy. WWLND is, I believe, an excellent mantra to live by. Now seeing that Leonard and I are not on speaking terms (not yet!) I go to the next best source: episodes of In Search Of.

With all of the Bigfoot crypto-craziness that has been going on lately, I needed some clarity. After watching Season 1 Episode 5, of In Search Of “Bigfoot”, I gained some insight as to how far things have come, and in some cases how little progress has been made  in the world of Bigfoot research.

This episode is chock full of some of the most synonymous names in Bigfoot research. We are talking about Peter Byrne, who I was very fortunate to meet at last years Ohio Bigfoot Conference.

Included as well were Grover Krantz, an Anthropologist from Washington State University. There is a great write-up on Dr. Krantz on BFRO. This was a man who did not just play the arm-chair quarterback and publish over 60 academic papers and 10 books, he got out in the field and did the down and dirty research.

I remember watching In Search Of as a kid, and today as I put my feet up, grab a pop (soda for some of you) and some chips and settle into the chair,  I hear Leonard's voice and that music, I get the same chills I felt as a child.

The episode touches on some topics that are still relevant in Bigfoot research today; kill or no kill, hoaxers and hoaxes among others. The debate that can arise from these topics is intense and leads to perhaps the most contentious point of debate: How do we prove Bigfoot exists? I will leave you with this episode of In Search Of, and keep in mind this aired April 28, 1977. 

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