DNA or Bust

DNA or Bust

With the release of Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Sasquatch DNA report members of the Bigfoot community are left wondering what does it mean?  Where do we go from here?  The major question on everyone’s mind, is this real or some elaborate hoax perpetrated by attention seekers in an attempt to fill their own pockets. All of the back and forth, misinformation, secrecy and downright suspicious events has left me wondering…does any of this matter?

To those who have seen one, they need no scientific proof of what they saw, they know. Sure the DNA might help validate their sighting or save some face amongst friends and family. But knowing they saw what so few others have, it’s something special. To those who have seen enough physical evidence and heard enough eyewitness accounts to believe, your search will continue regardless if the scientific community approves. And to the others, like me, we want to believe but just haven’t seen quite enough to go all in like the others, the mystery is what draws us into the woods.

My search, for one of America’s most fascinating mysteries, is driven by the adventure of it. It’s a reason to hike these woods, to be one with nature, to feel like a part of something. If I knew exactly what I was searching for the excitement would be diminished, the end result would be known. It’s that unknown that pushes me deeper into the forest, it’s the curiosity, the fear.  I want, with every fiber of my being, to see this elusive creature for myself once and for all but it’s that want that keeps me coming back. I try so hard to put myself into a position, like Patterson did so many years ago, to get it on film, to watch how it moves, breathes, I don’t want to believe, I want to know it’s real.

I will reserve judgment on Dr. Ketchum and her group until the dust settles and more of the truth is revealed. I am intrigued but suspicions. Science might be able to, one day, prove the existence of Bigfoot, but it will never be able to disprove it. The legend of Sasquatch will live on forever in the stories passed on from generation to generation, the blurry videos, blobsquatch photos and the plaster casts that were left behind.

To read Dr. Ketchum’s report go to the publisher’s website www.denovojournal.com ($30 fee required).

To see more about the study and find answers to some of the questions surrounding the report’s release checkout the accompanying website www.sasquatchgenomeproject.org.

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