My First UFO Sighting

My First UFO Sighting

I remember my first time, we all do. There I was laying outside on a just warm enough summer evening. There was a slight breeze that night, you know the kind, it just barely dances across your skin giving you goose-bumps all over. Alan and I were comfortable laying on the roof of the house. We had managed to get out through the upstairs office window. I do not remember why we decided to head out that night, but I still know to this day the drive that pushes us still to explore the unknown.

Laying on the roof we stared at the sky, hoping to see something, anything. The night was cloudless. It was like staring into a bottomless black pool with millions of little pin-pricks of light struggling to punch through the darkness.

When it happened, it was one of those, “did I really just see that?” moments. I can still recall it today, though I am not sure of the specific movements, I am sure I saw it occur. A small light, one of those pin-pricks of light started to move. Rapidly, left to right, then up and down, and as quickly as it had started it was gone. Unsure of what I had just seen, and hoping to quell those, must be my eyes playing tricks on me thoughts, and logic desperately trying to take over and fill me with rationale, earthly reasons, I asked Alan if he had just seen anything.

Quivering with restrained excitement surrounded with mild confusion an answer slipped through a half-smile, and what I think had very quickly become, just as much as mine was, a dry mouth,  a yes come forward.

Could it have been a man-made satellite, or some other space craft? The possibility exists of course. It was the rapid direction change that left us stunned. How could something make those moves that quick?

Since that night we have spent countless hours scouring the skies for more. What have you seen? We would love to hear about your first UFO sighting.

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